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Bend the Trend

Bend The Trend has a basic design philosophy – furnish your home with things you love. Our classic and contemporary furniture designs specializing in custom hand painted finishes to create a living space that is uniquely yours. At Bend The Trend, we offer furniture that is as livable and beautiful to your personal taste and design ideas. We put our customers style first giving you more finish options than you will find from any other furniture boutique. We strive to seek home accessories and accents that will compliment your lifestyle and our furniture seamlessly. Simply put.... we want your home to be uniquely you!

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Our Story

In the heart of our quaint city Greensboro,GA we founded Bend The Trend, driven by our shared belief that design is not just about aesthetics but a vital part of everyday life.

With our backgrounds in interior design and artisanal craftsmanship, we noticed a gap in the market for personalized, accessible home decor.

We envisioned a boutique where every piece tells a story, believing that the spaces we inhabit should inspire us, reflect our journey, and embody our dreams.

For us, design is more than just arranging objects in a room; it's about creating an environment that evokes emotion, nurtures creativity, and enhances well-being.

We embarked on this venture to empower others to express themselves through their surroundings, making design accessible to all.

Bend The Trend became a testament to our vision, a place where customers can find pieces that resonate with their soul, transforming houses into homes that celebrate individuality and foster life's most precious moments.

Through our journey, we remind everyone that design is essential, not just for the beauty it brings but for the life it enables us to live.

Excited to transform your space,
Bill and Susan

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What our buyers say

“Quality products. Affordable price. Stellar design.”

Georgia L. USA

“Quality products. Affordable price. Stellar design.”

Nathan M. USA

“Quality products. Affordable price. Stellar design.”

Lana Y. USA